Spy App for Android Tablet

android tablet spyIt seems that along with the newest smartphones, Android tablets are also becoming a ‘must have’ gadget amongst adults and young kids today. Young children as young as 8 years old can even be seen glued to their new Android tablet device. In addition to the great features and functionality of a tablet, also comes a world of dangers that a child can be exposed to on the tablet. This leads many parents on a hunt for a way to monitor what their child is doing on their tablet when they are not around.

For quite some time, there has been spying app for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry smartphones, and even computers. But now, there is a new genre of monitoring software available for parents who want to keep track of their child and their tablet activities.

mSpy monitoring software has just recently been released from leading industry experts in monitoring technology. With mSpy, parents can monitor their child’s iPad, Android, and BlackBerry PlayBook to make sure their tablet is not being used for unsuitable activities.

By installing the mSpy app directly onto your child’s tablet, you can greatly benefit from the many outstanding features it offers. mSpy is able to monitor:

  • Apps Installed: Find out if your child is downloading inappropriate programs to their tablet.
  • Calendar Events: See what events have been planned, along with any notes entered with the event.
  • Web History: Monitor a list of URLs for all websites your child visited on the monitored tablet.
  • Photos Taken: View all photos and videos taken by the tablet, and ones downloaded.
  • GPS Locations: Monitor where your child is or has been using the GPS signal from the tablet.
  • Contacts: View information for all numbers stored in the tablet’s contact list.

Additionally, each different tablet operating system offers additional specific monitoring features including calls or SMS text messages, SpyPe, messaging services, etc. depending on your service plan or operating system. For more information on mSpy features, pricing and compatibility, CLICK HERE.