Should You Monitor Your Employees’ Android Phone Use?

Employee Phone Monitoring

Living in the digital age has encouraged small and large business owners to issue Android smartphones to their employees, so they can conduct business related tasks. This can prove to be a big problem, as apps and websites get in the way of productivity. Lot’s of employee’s also work at off  site locations, which can produce even more issues.

Smartphones definitely make some jobs easier, as it is necessary for clients to contact the business’s employees. That is why it is important for employers to find a way to stop smartphone abuse. When an employee spends time playing games or surfing the web, they are abusing company time, and use of a company issued device.

All of this can result in a loss of money for the company. If work is not completed, then the company will not get paid. Therefore, the employee needs to be responsible for their actions when it comes to productivity.

Examples of Misuse of Company Issued Android Smartphones.

  • Employees accessing confidential or sensitive company or client information.
  • Surfing the web during business hours for things that are not work related.
  • Chatting on social media sites or instant messengers.
  • Taking personal calls or texts.
  • Taking and sending inappropriate photos/videos.

There is no way for a business owner to know if employees are actually abusing a company issue smartphone, unless they have a mobile monitoring software. There are hundreds of Android spy software on the market, and most of them offer features such as Facebook spy, App blocker, as well as detail logs of all calls, messages, and chats.  The right monitoring tool can provide all the answers an employer needs about their employee’s activity on a company issued phone.

Stop Employee Abuse Of Smartphones

Once a monitoring software is chosen and installed on the Android smartphone, monitoring can begin instantly. Employers will be able to track employee’s locations when working off site. The software will also allow employees to see who their contacts are, and determine if company information is being shared.

Logs will be accessible so the employer can determine if the employee is spending company time on games, websites, apps, social media, or chatting. Once abuses is detected, an employer will have everything they need to enforce punishments.

Facebook Monitoring Feature

facebook monitoringOne feature, that is very popular among business owners is the Facebook monitoring feature. This feature allows employers to see all posts, pictures, videos, and messages that are on the user account. The problem that employers face with platforms like Facebook, is the user can dictate what people see.

That is why it is absolutely necessary to have a monitoring software that provides this feature. Facebook monitoring will reveal any activity that has been conducted during business hours. This is a powerful monitoring tool that can help employers regain productivity among their employees.

Facebook monitoring is just one feature that can be used to detect abuse of a company issued smartphone. There are many monitoring softwares available on the market, and they offer a variety of features. One thing is for sure, an Android monitoring software can help employers monitor how company time is spent.