How to Install FlexiSPY on Android

FlexiSPY is a powerful Android monitoring and spy application. Its stealth operation allows devices to be monitored without the user ever knowing. However, before attempting to install the software, ensure the device and their respective operating systems are compatible with FlexiSPY by checking out the compatibility list on their website.

Installation Instructions

In depth technical knowledge is not needed in order to install the software. There are a few easy steps anyone can follow:

  1. Buy and create a FlexiSPY account by visiting their website.
  2. After registering, check email to get download link for the software.
  3. Use link to download app to compatible devices.
  4. Install software by following the on-screen instructions.

Just remember, after you’ve installed FlexiSPY on your Android device(s), you don’t need to worry about anyone finding out. The monitoring application operates in a stealth mode. No one will know they are being monitored, and it begins working immediately.

What should you know after installing FlexiSPY?

All the information you’ll want to see is in the Control Panel. Within it, you’ll be able to easily view and navigate the monitored data in one convenient place. Accessing the Control Panel is straightforward. Simply enter the user ID and password you used while creating the account. This will give you access and after gaining it, the intuitive interface will have you using more time finding the truth than figuring out how FlexiSPY works.

Who uses FlexiSPY?

Installing FlexiSPY on your kid’s Android devices provides you peace of mind. Time after time you’ve asked your kids nicely not to visit certain websites or participate in certain activities. Now, after installing FlexiSPY on their devices, you’ll certainly know if they are safely browsing the Internet. You’ll also be able to block and stop certain applications from running. Above all, you’ll keep their internet browsing safe and secure.

Besides installing FlexiSPY on kid’s devices, employers can also benefit from this monitoring software. After you’ve installed it on your employee’s devices, you’ll quickly find out if they are abusing company time or not. In the end, you’ll be able to make sure they’re using their paid time the way they should be.

What are some of FlexiSPY’s great features?

Remotely, you can view the strength of the GPS signal. With that, you’ll know why or why not the device is transmitting a location. Determining the health of the battery is also another great feature, as well as FlexiSPY reporting the strength of the Wi-Fi signal. These status updates help determine a lot about the device, and all without having it in your hands.

FlexiSPY will also respond to remote commands via SMS. By sending a text message command, you can remotely uninstall the monitoring software. Other SMS commands include restoring or resetting the device. All of those options are especially handy if the device is lost or stolen.

Another great benefit is how the reports can be exported. For example, CSV, XLS or PDF formats are available. These offer you the option to store them into your database, to archive them and to look at and sift through the data when you find the time convenient. You can even do all of this offline once the reports are downloaded.

Some of the other features that are available are as follows:

  • Have all multimedia data backed up on a remote server.
  • The data is consolidated and clearly organized for easy viewing.
  • The navigation of the data is intuitive and simple to use.

All of these features and benefits make FlexiSPY the go to software for anyone’s business or personal monitoring needs. Head over to their website and find out the truth behind device monitoring today.