FlexiSPY Android Spy Software Review

FlexiSPY Android Spy Software

FlexiSPY is one of the industry’s top-tier spy monitoring software companies. They make mobile spy software applications for all of the major mobile device platforms: Android, iPhone, Symbian, and Blackberry. But there is one platform in which the FlexiSPY software really shines – the Android platform.

Android has obviously exploded in popularity in recent years, giving the Apple line of products some well-needed competition. They’re constantly updating their software on operating system, and certain spy software companies struggle to keep up with the changes. Not FlexiSPY.

FlexiSPY has created a glitch-free spy software that runs exceptionally smooth on any of the compatible Android devices. In the rest of this article I’m going to cover all of the basics of FlexiSPY, and how it can help you keep tabs on an Android device.

Pros Cons
  • Most advanced features available
  • Free demo account
  • Good technical support (live chat, email and phone)
  • It’s more expensive than many other spy software
  • It requires some initial configuration
  • Some advanced features require root access

*Note: FlexiSPY’s Android spy app works on rooted and non-rooted android devices. However, many features will be available on rooted devices ONLY. If you don’t want to root the device, you can use Highster Mobile.

Learn how to find out if your Android phone is rooted: http://www.androidcentral.com/is-my-phone-rooted

How FlexiSPY for Android Works

The first step in getting FlexiSPY to work is to install on the target device. After you’ve successfully signed up for the FlexiSPY service, you’ll be given detailed instructions on how to install the software on the Android device you wish to spy on. After you’ve installed the software on the device, you will then sign in to your FlexiSPY control panel – your headquarters for monitoring the target device.

Once you have everything set up, FlexiSPY will automatically start monitoring the target Android device. What happens is that any activity performed on the phone (phone call, text message, instant message, etc.) will be “recorded” onto one of FlexiSPY’s maximum-security servers, and then transferred to your control panel for you to view it, download it, and save it as necessary.

Here is an overview of the process:

How FlexiSPY Works

If you want to learn more about Flexispy Extreme version and how it works please visit http://www.bestphonespy.com/flexispy-review/ or https://www.flexispy.com/en/android-spy-app-flexispy.htm

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FlexiSPY Android Spy Software Features

Downloading the FlexiSPY software onto any Android device will allow you to do the following:

flexispy gps tracking feature

  • Spy on incoming or outgoing phone calls taking place on any Android Phone.
  • Listen in on their phone’s surroundings & hear whats really going on behind closed doors.
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages, MMS messages, emails, and more.
  • Monitor social network messenger applications, like Facebook chats, Twitter posts, WhatsApp chats, BBM chats, Skype chats, Viber chats, and iMessage chats.
  • Review multimedia files, like pictures and video, and listen to audio files.
  • Monitor web-browsing history and save browser bookmarks.
  • Instantly locate the phone via GPS technology and look at the location history, as well as the travel routes that the phone has taken.
  • View and monitor address book entries, calendar entries, and task logs.
  • Take stealth pictures and stealth recordings with the device, without the user of the device ever knowing.
  • Get instant alerts on certain changes made to the phone.
  • Capture usernames and passwords for Email, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, Skype and more.
  • Remotely control the phone, and be able to lock it, view installed apps, and uninstall the application without having the phone present.

Why FlexiSPY is the Best Android Spy Software Option

Like I touched on at the beginning of this article, FlexiSPY is already one of the premier spy software applications currently available for smart devices. They’ve been in the business for several years, and are well versed in creating high quality, glitch-free software.

FlexiSPY has served approximately 100,000 satisfied customers since they’ve been in business, and they continue to earn and serve new customers every day. The company operates an excellent 24/7 customer support center, and they’re dedicated to handling any customer issues in a timely manner. They want their customers to have the best possible experience – a very admirable trait.

I guess you could say that the number one reason I recommend FlexiSPY is simply because keeping my children safe is my number one priority. FlexiSPY helps me do that without the hassle of fooling with a software that doesn’t work like it should.

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