Is my device compatible with the Android spy app?

Compatibility is a major factor to look for when selecting an Android spy app. If you purchase a spy app that is not compatible with your Android device, then it will be useless to you. This is the first aspect you should consider when narrowing down your choices. You need to look at the type of device you want to monitor, as well as the version of the software the device is running.

Installing the Android spy software will only be complete if your device is supported. For devices that are not supported, the software would not work efficiently even if it does go through the installation process.

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Here are some tips to help you determine if an Android monitoring app is compatible with your device.

1. Check out the compatibility page

Every monitoring software company should provide you with a list of compatible devices. This list should be accessible through the company’s website. Within the website, you should find an option that says compatibility or supported phones. It should be easy for you to locate your device. However, if you are using a device that is new to the market, you may not see it listed on the compatibility page. In this case, you will need to do an online search or reach out to the vendor to see if your device is supported.

mspy compatibility page

2. Online Search

Doing an online search will help you find out if the software company is compatible with your device. Going to a reliable review site can also help you find out the phone’s compatibility, such as CNET. Even doing a quick Google search will help you find this answer. If you want to give CNET a try, here are the steps you need to take.

cnet search

  • Navigate through the search results to find your phone. Choose the option that best suits your criteria. A review page will appear, and provide you with a wealth of options. You want to choose the Specifications option.


Keep in mind that mobile spy app will not be available on all operating systems. The app will be able to be installed on any device that includes Google Android, iOS or Symbian OS.

You should always turn to conducting a quick search, just to verify that your device is compatible. Once you choose a software, consult with the vendor to ensure your device is still a compatible device. The market is flooded with options, so you are sure to find a high quality software that supports your cell phone.

Your reasons for monitoring activity on a cell phone are very important, so you need to ensure there will be no issues with the software that you choose to go with. Searching for compatibility should be easy, and if you have any questions you need to reach out to the vendor offering the software.