Monitor Your Child’s Android Phone Activity

mSpy Software

The world is filled with negative influences, and technology has made it easy for children to gain access to anything they want to get involved in. Giving a child a cell phone has many great benefits, but it also comes with a lot of worry for parents.

Most Android phones can access the internet, and parents cannot stand over their child’s shoulder 24 hours a day to make sure they are not getting into trouble. Children are still in the development stage of life, and are not mature enough to always make the right decisions.

mSpy presents parents with a solution. This is a spy software that will log all activity that takes place on the user’s cell phone. Monitoring is done in stealth mode so your child will never know they are being monitored. mSpy is available for BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, PC, and Mac, as well as iPads and Android tablets. The software can be installed within minutes, and monitoring begins instantly. Here are some of the ways mSpy can help you ensure your child is safe.

Restrict Usage

Restrict AppsWith the digital age upon us, you can look around, and see what consumes most of our children’s time. Teenagers are especially bad about texting constantly. Do you ever wonder what they are talking about for so long?

mSpy will allow you to see every conversation that takes place via text messaging, instant messaging, social media messaging, and phone calls. Plus, you can set parameters for using features of the phone, such as text messaging. You can also set a time frame that will allow texting to be used, or block Apps that you do not approve of. You can even block websites, and social media sites as well.

Block Numbers

Sometimes it’s not the internet affecting your child. Often times it is other individuals who are influencing your child to engage in questionable activities. mSpy gives you the ability to block numbers of individuals that you do not want your child associating with. It’s amazing benefits that parents can gain by having this advanced monitoring software.

GPS Tracking

mSpy's GPS Location Tracking featureIf you are having trouble trusting that your child is telling you the truth about their whereabouts, this monitoring system can use the phones GPS feature to track their exact location. It will show their location on a map, which will help you determine if they are where they are suppose to be. GPS tracking is a powerful tool that can put a parent’s mind at ease.

The day’s of wondering what your child is doing when you’re not around are over. You will be able to gain the reassurance that your child is safe, and not making choices that could cause life long consequences. Life is all about choices, and if you take the extra steps now to ensure your child is making good choices, this is a behavior that will follow them through the rest of their life.