Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide your photos and videos

Keepsafe Photo Vault App

Keepsafe Photo Vault is a security app that allows you to hide your photos and videos. Perhaps you have photos you do not want friends, colleagues or family members to see on your phone. Keepsafe Photo Vault permits you to conceal these photos or videos away from your normal gallery and secure in the vault. It’s a simple app that provides you with additional security for private files. The Keepsafe Photo Vault app is available as a free download in Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Keepsafe Photo Vault is a useful app if you perhaps have photos or videos you do not want seen. When you start the app up, it allows you to create a secret password. Once you enter it, you can choose files to hide in the vault. This can be either in a list format or as a grid, and it brings up all the photos stored on your phone and allows you to either individually select or tick multiple files. Once selected and you have added these to your vault they will only appear within your Keepsafe Photo Vault app, and not in your normal gallery. This means personal and private photos and videos can be securely held behind a password and away from people who may borrow/use your phone.

Perhaps the best utilization of Keepsafe Photo Vault is that it essentially becomes an option for sharing. So you can select a photograph, click share, select Keepsafe Photo Vault and it will automatically send that photo to your vault, this makes for extra simple security on your photos.

For people with private videos or private photos on their phone this app could be a life saver. Keepsafe Photo Vault is very popular- over 50,000,000 downloads thus far, so it might be a handy app to have for added file security.

Keepsafe Photo Vault is very easy to use. There is also a tutorial link for guidance should you require it, but I found it a simple app to use.

This depends greatly on the user and how many files you might want to hide and subsequently view. This could then be something you utilise daily, or it could just as simply be an app you use very infrequently and just to ensure only you have access to certain files.

The interface is simplistic and straight forward. If you ever leave the app- say consulting the web linked tutorial, or clicking as advert, you will have to enter the password again to enter Keepsafe Photo Vault. While this might be a bit annoying, it is at least very secure.

If you have private photos on your phone or videos you do not want people to see, Keepsafe Photo Vault is a great app to keep those files secure. The developers are pro-active in improving the app so the negatives here should not perhaps put people off too much. The app is very easy to use and functions well. The high price of the full version is perhaps a bit steep, but only you can put a price on the added features and anonymity, as only you know how ‘private’ those files are. My recommendation is to definitely give the app a try, and if it works well for your needs consider the full version.